Текст песни OutKast - Hey Ya!

[Intro:]1, 2, 3Uh![Verse 1:]My baby don't mess aroundBecause she loves me soAnd this I know for shoBut does she really wannaBut can't stand to see meWalk out the door?Don't try to fight the feelingCause the thought alone is killing me right nowThank God for Mom and DadFor sticking to togetherCause we don't know how[Hook 8x:]Hey ya![Verse 2:]You think you've got itOh, you think you've got itBut "got it" just don't get it'Til there's nothing at allWe've been togetherOh, we've been togetherBut separate's always betterWhen there's feelings involvedIf what they say is "Nothing is forever"Then what makes, then what makes, then what makesThen what makes, what makes, what makesLove the exception?So why oh why oh, why oh why ohAre we so in denialWhen we know we're not happy here?Y'all don't want to hear me, you just want to dance[Hook:]Hey ya! Uh-oh [2x]Don't want to meet your daddyHey ya! Uh-oh

Just want you in my Caddy uh-ohHey ya! Uh-ohDon't want to meet your mamaHey ya! Uh-ohJust want to make you cumma uh-ohHey ya! Uh-ohI'm, I'm, I'mHey ya!I'm just being honest [2x][Bridge:]Hey, alright nowAlright now fellas (Yeah!)Now what's cooler than being cool?(Ice cold!) I can't hear yaI say what's cooler than being cool?(Ice cold!)Alright [14x]OK now ladies(Yeah?)We're gonna break this back down in just a few secondsNow don't have me break this thing down for nothingNow I want to see y'all on your baddest behaviorLend me some sugar, I am your neighbor! Ah, here we go!Shake it [10x]Shake it like a Polaroid pictureShake it [10x]Shake it like a Polaroid pictureNow all the Beyonces and Lucy LiusAnd babydolls, get on the floor(Get on the floor) Shake it like a Polaroid pictureYou know what to do Shake it [2x]Oh, you know what to do!Shake it [4x]Oh, you know what to do! Shake it like a Polaroid picture[Hook 8x:]Hey ya!
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