Текст песни P.O.D. - Revolución

Why everybody always talking 'bout the same o' thang? How will I ever revise if ain't nobody want to change? You'd rather stay put Close your eyes and just keep your mouth shut! But if you're like me and you know whats up You better speak up! Now speak up! Do you hear the sound of a revolution? Will you stand and fight for a revolution? Could you live and die for a revolution? Then turn your back to the world Throw your fist in the air and start a revolution! See we don't care what people say-ya-! When the time comes they run away-ya But I'll be there So show the world that we don't play-ya!

This revolution we declare! They'll take it away if you don't stand your ground and Show them that you won't back down What would you say if I told the world has already taught you (Taught you how to act now) Make you feel bad like something's wrong with you if you won't bow down! The time has come for you to take your place and set ablaze this fire! Come let me show you how! I-ya man beware of the brimstone and fire So be aware of the sly and shifty words of the liar And make sure with whom you stand One Man, true love alliance Everything else a lie but the conquering Lion of Mount Zion Let's go!

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