Текст песни Peter Gabriel - The Veil

[Verse 1] Underneath the sky where the cold winds cross There is an ocean where data flows One man in a boat out on the sea A sea of little bits of you and me [Chorus] Let it all go, set it all free You let the whole wide world see Exactly what is going on Exactly who is looking on [Verse 2] Stories start to leak, they colour your name While up above cloud turns to rain You can feel the touch of a hand you know well It's a very long way from Maryland [Chorus 2] Some say you're a patriot Some call you a spy

An American hero Or a traitor that deserves to die In the heart of the free world In the home of the brave you gave up everything To bring down the veil [Bridge] There's no safe place to go Now you've let that whistle blow Show exactly what is going on Show exactly who is looking on Let it all go Set it free Let it all go Let it go free Set it free Ha ha ha ha aah Ahh oh Information flow Information flow Information flow

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