Текст песни Pharrell Williams - Here

[Verse 1] My dear it seems we're here again. So much for effort. Isn't it clear we're here again. Our thing right where we left it. A delusion is a flight, first class to no where. While a dream is a blueprint, a plane to go there. To go there. [Hook] And I, I promise on all existence. If it breathes then it is our witness. We have unfinished business. You and I. And so my, word is that I'll cross those bridges. With zero regret for limits. And distance, you and I. [Verse 2] My dear it seems we're here again. Was there a glitch in my method. Isn't it clear we're here again. Let's get new GPSes. So next time you see this place remember we we're alone. We'll bring our children from home. That's right, ohh yeah, I'm gonna go there. [Hook] [Verse 3] Well, anyone think they can can do it better. Well c'mon, c'mon. But back to you. Hold on girl we can make it. Stack whatever on top I can take it. [Bridge] It seems we're here again. This is the right trajection. [Hook]
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