Текст песни Phil Collins - Don't Get Me Started

Don't get me started on politicians And the lies they spread, Don't even mention sex, and religion, And who they take to bed, But if you see me Running down the street, Know where I'm running to, I'm tired of honesty being denied us, I'm coming looking for you. [Chorus] Don't hold me down, I'm on my way And nothing's gonna turn me round, Don't turn around, Give it to me straight. I'm on my way, And nothing's gonna shake me, I'll hold my ground, Wild horses won't make me. Don't get me started on information, Magazines and TV, There's one man under his big umbrella While it's raining on you and me. Every day it's getting harder to judge Fiction from fact, I'm tired of truth being denied me, It's mine and I want it back. [Chorus] Business as usual In our pressure steamer, Where reality slips from view, They say that we can't take it, I think I can, can you? Don't get me started On blood and thunder, With people flying blind, Not caring what or who they take with them, Or what they leave behind. It's one man's god against another, While the river of tears roll by, The things they do In the name of their Father, Can someone tell me why? [Chorus] Don't get me started...
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