Текст песни Poets Of The Fall - Crystalline

I ain't so pure of heart myself that I can go and say how you should be But I know the temptation The meaning you will give your life is Up to you No safety guaranteed But it will be amazing Spectres of suspicion hone in on your love Hungry inquisition always wanting more Here I am look at me now, you're living in a world of wonder Come to me now we will make it somehow Here I am singing your song, believing Though the world's asunder This is our time and our love is crystalline

Place your hand against the wall and Follow every contour 'till you're free yourself forgiven So what are you a slave to now when Every winding maze will disappear? What makes your prison? When it seems like there ain't no way out And you feel like going underground What's the choice where everybody wins? Past the point of no return This labyrinth will up and burn As bright as the puppet master grins You will stand a vision of your world of wonder And play your hand, magician Like there's no tomorrow
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