Текст песни Powerwolf - Black Mass Hysteria

See the sister Black See the sister Black MassSee the sister Black Mass HysteriaI'm coming out into your veinLoving my soulAnd so you wait I'm coming downWhen other vowI see you alive until your sonsThey're mourning for my crownAnd mirror say that love was foundAnd I own youBlack Mass Hysteria [x2]I'm coming out and see your veinI'm coming down myself

But let it down and see you wasteThe time I own.I'm feeling out, the time has comeThe devil in my thoughtWe are livings of this domeAnd I own youNow you're feeling out myself; that feeling knowI'm coming nowI tell you to feel my soulBlack Mass Hysteria [x4]See it's just a blackSee it's just a black massSee it's just a Black Mass HysteriaBlack Mass Hysteria [x4]
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