Текст песни Prince - Reflection

[Verse:]Two sevens togetherLike time, indefiniteTrying to catch the glassBefore it fallsWithout a frownCan you turn up the stereo?I want to play you this old song about love (is it about love?)Can I do that?Did we remember to water the plants today?I forgot to look up at the moon becauseI was too busy, said I was too busyI was too busyLooking at you babeStill it's nice to knowThat, uh when bodies wear out

We can get anotherWhat does that one thing have to do with the other one?I don't knowI was just thinking about my motherYou know whatTurn the stereo back downAin't nothing worse than an old worn out love songTell me do you like my hair this wayRemember all the way back in the dayWhen we would compare whose afro was the roundestMirrored tiles above the bedFishing nets and posters all over the wallOh yes, sometimesSome times I just want to go sit out on the stoolAnd uh... play my guitarJust watch all... all the cars go by
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