Текст песни Prince - Soft And Wet

[Verse 1:] Hey, lover, I got a sugarcane That I want to lose in you Baby can you stand the pain Hey, lover, sugar don't you see? There's so many things that you do to me Ooo baby! All I want to see is the love in your eyes (hey, lover) And all I wanna hear is your sweet love sighs All I wanna feel is burning flames (hey, lover) Tell me, tell me, baby, that U feel the same Tell me that U feel the same way I do Tell me that U love me girl We'd be so lost, in our mouths, the best, I feel it everyday (every way) U feel so wrong, be alone, if u just follow somebody someday [Chorus:] Soft and wet[x4] [Bridge:] Every time I'm with you, you just love me to death Ooo weee, baby. you leave me without... Breath! Ooo, baby! Oooo, yeah [Verse 2:] You're just as soft as a lion tamed (hey, lover) You're just as wet as the evening rain How will I take it when you call my name? (hey, lover) Your love is driving me You're driving me insane Crazy, baby Oh, girl Crazy about your love [Chorus:] Soft and wet (U know) You are soft and wet (Oh, sugar) Your love is soft and wet Soft and wet
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