Текст песни Public Enemy - Pollywanacraka

[Verse 1:] She wants a lover right now, But not no brother, Her man gotta have a lotta money To get under her cover, Now she's a fine sister, But up here she's missing it, She says she wanna learn about life, No old black bullshit. At the age of 15 a brother gave her a baby, She's 19 now and, it drove her crazy, And now everytime She turns around, All the people in the neighborhood Look and get mad and sing [Chorus:] Polly! [Verse 2:] Meet Mr. Succesful, I guess he's blessed, yeah! But he happens to be a brother, Who only wants blue eyes and blonde hair. Now this young mister, He don't like sisters, He couldn't find that special one, He know why he missed her, He says sisters wasn't good enough, They only wanted his green stuff. That's why everytime he turned Around, all the people In the neighborhood Looked and got mad And sang [Chorus:] Polly! [Verse 3:] I try to tell my people There should not be any hatred For a brother or a sister Whose opposite race they've mated, No man is God, And God put us all here. But this system has no wisdom, The devil split us in pairs, And taught us White is good, Black is bad And Black and White is still too bad, That's why everytime I turn around, All the people in my neighborhood Look mad and sing [Chorus:] Polly wanna!
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