Текст песни Pusha T - King Push – Darkest before Dawn: the Prelude Intro

[Mr. Lee:] Espera, ven aquí, who you wanna be? Drug dealer? Demon? Rap nigga? You tryna save the culture? Ay, Dios mío. You gotta pick one, daddy. [Pusha T:] Leave your conscience at the door, We done hid the monsters in the floor, I speak to the trap lords, And niggas wit' their hands in the white like blackboards. I done been blackballed, And never gave a fuck ‘cause I'm Jack Frost Of sellin' that blast off. I'm on a crash course Where talent meets timing, Christopher Wallace, think big, keep climbin' Reasonable doubt, drug era, keep climbin', I'm my brother's keeper, Lord Willin', keep grindin', As a God amongst men. Rinsed drug money, I done paid for my sins, Books and the lawyers, I done paid for my friends, Still held back, I done paid with my skin. The only thing missin' is a cape on me You niggas wanna tag a late great on me, Put the fears in my peers, heard my footsteps comin' from the rear, Now it's murder was the case, homie. I'm watchin' this three ring circus, Old lions don't roar, so the clowns ain't nervous, Even you fools serve purpose, Let ‘em run amuck until the king resurface, Then it's off with your heads. Wear your little jewels, you could floss when you're dead, They take samples of ‘em, I make examples of ‘em, It's the thrill of the hunt, I keep my mantle covered, Ask Ye, whose loyalty more realer? Ask P, whose core's a drug dealer? Me and Tim, it's comin', it's gonna kill ‘em, The only great I ain't made better was J Dilla. Now we breakin' new ground, Get ready for the placin' of the crown, King Push, nigga! [Mr. Lee:] A Pablito le dieron pa' bajo, but I'm still here, y el otro tipo? He's running, but I'm still here, I don't even know why you doing this loco, yo ni se pa' que, but always still right here. You wanna be like them, don't you, huh? You're not like them, y definitivamente, they're not like us.
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