Текст песни Queen - Khashoggi's Ship

[Verse:]Who said my party was all over, huh, huhI'm in pretty good shapeThe best years of my life are like a supernovaHuh, huh, perpetual craze, I said thatEverybody drank my wine - you get my driftAnd then we took a holiday on Khashoggi's Ship Well we really had a good good time They was all so sexyWe was bad, we was blitzedAll in all it was a pretty good trip[Hook:]This big bad sucker with a fist as big as your headWanted to get me, I said go awayI said kiss my ass honeyHe pulled out a gun, wanted to arrest meI said uh, uh, babeNow listen no-one stops my partyNo-one stops my partyNo-one, no-one, no-one stops my partyJust like I saidWe were phased, we was pissedJust having a total eclipseBup bup, badabup, badibup bup bup bedabup bedadee hey

That's goodOoohWooh wooh wooh wooh wooh woohHahThis one's on me so let us do it just rightThis here one party don't get started 'till midnightYeah[Outro:]Hey!Hah!Everybody'sParty to the leftParty to the rightLay mine in the middleDo it all night! Alright! Alright!HeyTwo within the middle with youWe're going buddyHey uhhHey huhAlrightHeyLeft - rightLeft - rightNo-one stops my... Aaahh
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