Текст песни Queen - Rock it (prime jive)

When I hear that rock and roll, It gets down to my soul, When it's real rock and roll, oh rock and roll You really think they like to rock in space? Well I don't know What do you know? What do you hear? On the radio Coming through the air I said Mama I ain't crazy I'm alright - alright Hey, c'mon baby said it's alright To rock and roll on a Saturday night I said shoot and get your suit and come along with me

I said c'mon baby down come and rock and roll with me, I said yeah What do you do? To get to feel alive? You go downtown And get some of that prime jive I said Mama... We're gonna rock it... tonight (We want some prime jive) We're gonna rock it tonight C'mon honey Get some of that prime jive Get some of that, get, get down C'mon honey - we're gonna rock it tonight
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