Текст песни Queen - Stealin'

That's the way I am Does anybody want to know? This is the way I lead my life, you know Wheelin' and dealin' and a little bit of stealin' You know, that's the way I grew up It's the only life I know That's the way my mother told me And they go Stealin' I gave you the key to my home I left you alone In charge of my heart Hey, stealin' You got me wheelin' and dealin' Playin' with my feelin' Right from the start Can't afford to pay my rent I had to use my common sense To get some money I owe, uh oh This guy said look in my head Make some easy bread Stealin' is the only way that I know oh Stealin' hey Only way that I know Yeah that I'm stealin' baby stealin'

I gave you board and my own and my own Left you alone Now you're stealin' stealin' stealin' Of my heart You're my baby's heart Uh huh Baby let 'em bleed You're in charge of my heart You are in charge of my heart You are in charge You are in charge Yes you are in charge of my heart I gave you the key And tore down the bed I gave you the key Looked down on what I said What have I done? What have I done? Yes I, I got the key out of my heart Now get that key out of my heart This is the key of my heart
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