Текст песни Rachel Ann Weiss - Dear Love

All the roses seem to fade And somehow I have lost my way Sunlight always turns to shade And dreaming pulls the heart away Time will past and seasons change We all start to act our age As the distance makes us strange Play your part upon the stage And I am tired of pretending That I'm happy to be here As our time together is ending I just want to tell you [x8:] Dear love Time will tell some people say Saved my life and made a day And the wounds will heal over But I know the scars will stay And I have always been recovered By the falling leaves above her Left alone for trees to smother Good intentions payed the other So I gladly take the low road It's easier to fallow And I don't care where we go As long as it's far away from: [x8:] Dear love Oh yeah [x8:] Dear love
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