Текст песни Radical Face - Mountains

I was just a boyMy father seemed a mountain thenWith a voice that could shake the seasMy mother's ghost hung across his shouldersAnd he said she was still watching over meMy brother was homeJust returned on army leaveTold his stories with a distant stareAnd as it snowedThe wind was howling through the treesAnd I spent my night just listening by the fireMy hands move the creases from my browSoft as a breath

It's like a featherI dreamed of a lonely voice that nightQuiet as deathOutside my windowIt sang a sad and lovely tuneClear as a bellSoft as a shiverIt said, I want you all the timeIt said, I want you all the timeGoodbye bad thoughtsI'm safe under coversSo goodbye bad thoughtsCause I'm safe under coversNow I can see you again
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