Текст песни Radical Face - Nightclothes

We crept from the room Moonlight spilled down the hall And I tiptoed with you Then we climbed out the window And there in the yard Our nightclothes blowing in the breeze And you looked up at the sky And said the moon would be ours And all this time I hear those words like bombs in the distance And oh my, my, I can still smell the rain in the air But time's gone by and I'm not the kid I was on that evening And somewhere inside I hope you still see me Just the way I was before I walked away Mud on your dress Blood stains on the knees of my pants And we went in search of the moon 'cause you said that you knew where it slept in the day

So we gathered up our tools: A sling-shot in case it ran for the sky And a blanket from your room, the one with no holes So we could drag it all the way back home And you said when we caught it, that We would cut it up in two And we'd wear the halves on necklaces And then I could control tides with you And I still hear the way that you laughed when you found I believed you And I could still feel your pull on my arm when I was too afraid to go And all this time I hear your words like bombs in the distance And my, oh my, I can still smell the dirt on our hands 'cause in my head You're still alive You're still alive And I know that it's a lie But it's one I like It's one I like
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