Текст песни Radical Face - Servants and kings

Through rolling hills And many miles of blood We slept in the rain, falling Marched through the mud. And you were not Like anyone I'd known. You spoke with impunity, Had nothing to atone. In quiet evenings You told me what you thought about: Servants and kings and how Everyone is bought, And that no one's hands Are bloodier than God's, And I won't be judged For doing as I ought. It's hard to say Just when I fell in love. There was no epiphany, No light from above. But you'd become

My candle in the dark, And all through the hell you were A shield across my heart. When all was fire And the weather out for blood, And the boys, still too young to drink, Were drownin' in the flood. I'd hear you laughing It was like coming up for air. And I'd laugh with you, Pretending not to care. Not many years have passed Since the last time I saw you. When I kissed you on the mouth You walked away. I knew it would be too much, I knew that it would scare you. But I couldn't find the proper words For what I had to say. But I don't regret a thing.
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