Текст песни Rage - Back on track

Awoken from a winter's night Shake off the dust and wipe my eyes The rays of sun in early spring Melt ice and snow, surround my skin I just can't recall the times I was unconscious, black in mind The demons of the past are dead It's about time to lift my head In this life we all get our chances Just be clear or they will pass you by What you send out will be reflected What you ask for, there is a reply Back on track, we're gonna turn it all around Heading for eternity, get ready for attack Back on track, we're gonna turn it upside down We're heading for eternity We're gonna get it back… on track The lonely years are gone, you see I'm stepping out, you're here with me I have denied myself too long Was present but my mind was gone It's my responsibility For what I started, now I see And then the here and now will be The essence of our history
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