Текст песни Rascals, The - A Beautiful Morning

It's a beautiful mornin', ahhhI think I'll go outside for a whileAnd jus' smileJust take in some clean fresh air, boyAin't no sense in stayin' insideIf the weather's fine an' you got the timeIt's your chance to wake up and plan another brand new dayEither wayIt's a beautiful mornin', ahhhEach bird keeps singin' his own songSo longI've got to be on my way, now

Ain't no fun just hangin' aroundI've got to cover ground, you couldn't keep me downIt just ain't no good if the sun shinesWhen you're still insideShouldn't hide, still inside, shouldn't hideAhhhh oh! (shouldn't hide) ah ah ohThere will be children with robins and flowersSunshine caresses each new waking hourSeems to me that the people keep singingMore and more each day, gotta say, lead the wayIt's okay, Wednesday, Thursday, it's okay(Ahhh) Monday, Wednesday, Friday, weekday, ah ah ohhh
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