Текст песни Ray Charles - Feudin' And Fightin'

Feudin' and fussin' and a-fightin,'Sometimes it gets to be excitin', nowDon't like them ornery neighbors down by the creekWe'll be plumb out of neighbors next weekGrandma, poor ol' grandmaTell me, why'd they have to shoot poor grandmaShe lies in the cloverYou see, someone caught her bending overPickin' up a daisy!Feduin' and fussin' and a-fightin'There is a wrong that needs a rightin'

Let's get that funeral service overSo then we can start in a-feudin' againDaughter, baby daughterPoisened all the neighbors chickensDaughter hadn't oughterLeast 'till she could run like the dickensThey hit her with a shovelFeudin' and fightin' and a-fussin'No use a-standin' here a-cussin', nowLet's give our daughter a pistol now that she's fourAnd go feudin' and fightin' some more
Слова и текст песни Ray Charles - Feudin' And Fightin' принадлежит его авторам.

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