Текст песни Ray Charles - I Surrender Dear

Pride, sad, splendid liar,Sworn enemy of loveKept my lips from sayingThings I was thinking of.But now my pride you've humbled,I've cast it to the winds,Broken, beaten, sick at heartMy confession begins.[2x:]We've played the game of stay awayBut it cost more that I can pay.Without you I can't make my way,I surrender, dear.

I may seem proud, I may act gay,It's just a pose, I'm not that way,'Cause deep down in my heart I sayI surrender, dear.Little mean things we were doingMust have been part of the game,Lending a spice to the wooing,But I don't care who's to blame.When stars appear and shadows fall,Why then you'll hear my poor heart call,To you my love, my life, my allI surrender, dear.* – Кавер на композицию I Surrender Dear в оригинальном исполнении Bing Crosby
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