Текст песни Ray Charles - Ma (She's Making Eyes at Me)

Ma, she's making eyes at meMa, she looks so good to meMa, she's almost breaking my heartI'm beside her, please let her conscience guide herMa, she wants to marry meBe my honey beeEvery minute she gets bolderNow she's leaning on my shoulderMa, the girl's kissing meMa, she don't look good to meMa, her waist is 53Ma, she's almost ruined my carWhen we go out the tires all begin to blow outMa, she wants to marry meYou know that could never beSuppose a baby should come later

It's got to look like an alligatorMa, won't don't you rescue me, heyMa, I found out she's got doughMa, the girl owns the B&OShe just bought eight city blocksIn New York CityYou know, all at once the girl looks prettyMa, if I would say "I do"She would promise toMake my future very pleasantFort Knox would be my wedding presentMa, she looks good to meBuy me the seven seas to swim inReplace the fish with gorgeous womenMa, she looks good to meMa, she looks good to me
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