Текст песни Ray Charles - New York's My Home

There's a rumour going aroundThat some of you good peopleWant to leave this town But you better consult me before you go(Why?)Cos I've been in all these placesAnd I know(Chicago) Chicago's all rightIt's got the Wrigley FieldAnd Soldier's Field and Marshall Field And it's on a nice lakeBut it hasn't gotThe hansoms in the parkIt hasn't got a skyline after darkThat's why New York's my homeNever let me leave itNew York's my home, sweet home(What about Hollywood)Hollywood's got movie starsAnd movie czars and cocktail barsAnd shiny cars and a wonderful climate, they say But it hasn't gotThe handy subway trainYou seldom find a taxiWhen it rainsThat's why New York's my homeKeep your CaliforniaNew York's my home, sweet home

(Geez, what's happening in St.Louis)Lots of people like St.LouisIt's got lots of shoesAnd the St.Louis bluesOne of our larger rivers runs byBut it hasn't got the opera in The MetIt hasn't got a famous string quartetThat's why New York's my homeNo, not a place to visitNew York's my home, sweet home(San Francisco)San Francisco is a lovely placeIt's got lots of hillsAnd lots of thrillsAnd it's on an ocean of some sizeBut it hasn't gotThe Bowery or The BronxIt hasn't got the Harlem honkytonksThat's why New York's my homeYeah, it's my favorite cityNew York's my home, sweet home So, save your time and troubleI say save your railroad fareI said save your time and trouble, brotherSave your railroad fareCause when you leave New YorkLet me say, you ain't going nowhere
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