Текст песни Ray Charles - Sweet Potato Pie

Oh Lord I feel fine today I'm walking on cloud nine today I'm over that line today Happiness is finally mine today I guess I'm just a lucky guy And I'm prepared to tell you why It's strictly on account of my Sweet Potato Pie I'm the fellow that she loves the most The main reason why she left the coast She's my little girlzina That much hotter that a jalapeno Tender like a night in June Sweeter than a honeymoon Brighter than a silver spoon Just as crazy as a loon Softer than a lullabye Deeper than the midnight sky Soulful as a baby's cry My Sweet Potato Pie I used to see her around the neighborhood I wonder how she grew up so good She belonged to Freddy and he was bad And I never was ready to make him mad I'm glad I had to wait awhile A little bit too juvenile I needed to refine my style A silk suit and a crocodile smile So let the whole damn world go by 'Cause I just want to testify From now on it's me and my Sweet Potato Pie
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