Текст песни Ray Charles - You Be My Baby

You be my baby Don't give me no maybe Never, never make you cry You be my honey Give you all my money I will 'til the day I die Because I (never, never, never felt such a thrill) And I (never, never, never felt this way until) Woah (kiss me, kiss me, kiss me, can't get my fill) You upset my world Come closer, girl You be my lover There's no one above ya I want everyone to know You look so tasty Like whipped cream pastry Never, never let you go Because I (always, always, always want you by my side) (Always, always, always keep you satisfieed) You know (wanna, wanna, wanna make you be my bride) Won't you name the day Make it right away You know you please me Don't ever leave me I always want you near You know I need ya Come let me lead ya And make all your troubles disappear Because I (love you, love you, love you everyday) Yeah (pet you, pet you, pet you in my own way) You won't (ever, ever, ever need to go astray) You understand Am I your man? Yeah, baby, you know it's alright Come on, baby, and love me tonight Woah, baby, I wanna talk to you I need you, baby, to see me through
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