Текст песни Ray Stevens - If ten percent is good enough for Jesus

Now I'd just like to say a few words about taxes I pay another man to do my taxes On account of that's just one more deduction I can take But you know the mailman Brought my W-2 this morning Yeah and this year They're taking a third of all I make. Now I'm just as patriotic As the next man And you know I love that Red White and Blue So I'm gonna help to pay This rising cost of freedom But I'll be danged if I'm gonna change my point of view. Cuz every time The bureaucrats run out of money Congress socks it to the working man And I don't think it's one bit funny How they take so much of my money And do things with it I don't understand. I don't know why they think They've got to squeeze us But I'll tell you just exactly where I stand I believe if ten percent Is good enough for Jesus Well it oughta be enough for Uncle Sam. Now some of these folks That we've been sending off to Congress Think that all they've got to do - Just spend and spend, huh But you know You can't run a family Much less a country With more money going out than coming in. Yeah and that old debt just keeps on getting bigger And we all gonna have to pay so don't you laugh Cuz pretty soon We might just look down at our paychecks And figure out that they done started taking HALF!
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