Текст песни Ray Stevens - Running Bear

On the banks of the river Stood Running Bear Young Indian brave On the other side of the river Stood his lovely Indian maid Little White Dove was her name Such a lovely sight to see But their tribes fought with each other So their love could never be Running Bear loved Little White Dove With a love big as the sky Running Bear loved Little White Dove With a love that couldn't die He couldn't swim the raging river 'Cause the river was too wide He couldn't reach the Little White Dove Standing on the other side In the moonlight he could see her Throwing kisses 'cross the waves Her little heart was beating faster Waiting for her brave Running Bear dove in the water Little White Dove did the same And they swam out to each other Through the swirling stream they came As their hands touched and their lips met The raging river pulled them down Now they'll always be together In their happy hunting ground
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