Текст песни Real Group, the - I tried

I didn't want to hurt you.I didn't want to hurt myself.You kept talking about the trust we must have,But I am sorry to say I couldn't play it your way.I wanted to be honest,And honesty can hurt so much.I was afraid of all the pain it would causeI was afraid of what I knewDeep down and of telling it all to you.I tried, I tried, I tried.I screamed and I whispered, I fought and I loved.I tried, I tried, I tried.

I tried a little more wasn't fighting a war,There just wasn't any love in store.No, no, no, no...I had to betray you,Or I would have betrayed myself.You kept saying it was the same old thing,But I'm afraid I didn't see it that way. No.I know it may be wrongTo say I had to betray to be true.I admit I have run out of things that were right,And I just hope you can forgiveSo we can both start to live.
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