Текст песни Red Hot Chili Peppers - Shallow Be Thy Game

[Verse 1:] I was not created In the likeness of a fraud Your hell is something scary I prefer a loving god We are not the center Of this funny universe And what is something worse I do not serve In fear of such a curse Shallow be thy game 2000 years look in the mirror You play the game of shame And tell your people live in fear A rival to the way you see The bible let him be I'm a threat to your survival And your control company [Chorus:] You'll never burn me You'll never burn me I'll be your heretic You can't contain me I am the power free Truth belongs to everybody [Verse 2:] To anyone who's listenin' You're not born into sin The guilt they try and give you Puke it in the nearest bin Missionary maddness Sweep up culture with a broom Trashing ancient ways Is par for the course It's fucking rude To think that you're above The laws of nature is a joke Purple sashes feeding masses Smoke on which to choke I might be a monkey When it comes to being holy Fundamental hatred Get down on your knees and ... [Chorus]. [Repeat verse 1]. [Chorus х2].
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