Текст песни Regina Spektor - Aching to Pupate

Aching to pupateAching to pup-p-p-pate[repeats 4x]Pu-pupate, pu pate,Pu-pate, pu-pupate, pu pa-ate...I should peddle butterfliesThere's a shortage in the city,I'll stand on the street cornerAll myserious and giddy,When the passers by pass byI will open up my trenchcoat,They will see the butterfliesDangling like fake Rolexes...Every morning I wake upWith a purpose and a smirkI'll put on my fake moustacheI'll drink heineken eat cornflakes...Then I'll call my mum and dadTell them that I'm doing fine,

Or I'll write a tipsy letterTo a real good friend of mine,Or I'll jump upon the bedWaltzing madly with the broomstickBut before I leave the houseI will paint my lips with lipstick...But peddling is a dirty sportThere's competition in the city,Everyone is on a street cornerAll mysterious and giddy.Some are selling bags and shoes,Some are selling books and gold,I've been standing here for daysNot one butterfly's been sold...And how I'mAching to pupateAching to pup-p-p-pate[repeats 4x]Pu-pu-pate, pupate,Pupate, pu-pu-pate, pu pa-ate.
Слова и текст песни Regina Spektor - Aching to Pupate принадлежит его авторам.

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