Текст песни Regina Spektor - Silly Eye-Color Generalizations

There are those boys with earthly eyesTheir eyes are like the groundYou walk and walkKicking up dirtBut they don't make a soundAnd when they kiss you, they sometimes leave 'em openJust to make sure you don't drownYeah, the sweetest eyesThe truest eyes areProbably dark brownThere are those boys with golden hazel eyesThe color of weak teaThey spend their nights howlin' at the moonTo let go of the seaThe scope of their depth is terrifying, thrillingYou think you're finally freeWhen they capture you'Cause golden eyes are as sticky asHoney from a beeI'm drownin'But those with blue

I shouldn't trust'Cause I myself have blueYou fall for them so easyYou think you see right throughYou take a leap, thinking blue water is deepWhen suddenly it's just grey rainThen puddles at your feetThey freeze to dirty iceBut somehow they'll melt back to clean blue water once againConfusingBlue eyes, they change like the weatherBlue sea, blue sky, blue painI wouldn't trust my own blue-eyed reflectionAs far as I can throw that mirrorBum bum bumBut these are just silly eye color generalizationsYou shouldn't believe a word I've said'Cause when you're lying in your bedDarkness 'round your headYour eyes might as well be polka-dotted or plaidPolka-dottedOrPlaid
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