Текст песни Revolution Renaissance - Ghost of Fallen Grace

Barrens of nowhere landThe scars of a lone manA once powerful ship crumbles from the rustSkeletons that wilt to dustSands shift on the plainAs the wind stirs up the memories of mineI hear whispersSearching through decaying ruinsDigging for spiritual druidsFragments of emotional atrocitiesConcealing my hypocrisiesOn the blazing desert sunGlares down on the deeds

That I have doneAs sweat drips from my face, feel my skin start to crawlI catch a glimpse of the Ghost of fallen graceMaking my way across this wasteland of tombsRight were the road to hell passes throughI'm coming homeAnd then I come to the place where God's Mercy is borrowedEntranced by the billowing smoke from the burning bridge of sorrowInscription on the Guardian's stoneThis reads "Poet, you've come home"As tears trace lines on my faceSuccumbing to the Ghost of fallen grace
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