Текст песни Rich Homie Quan - My Homie

[Hook: Rich Homie Quan + Young Thug]Stayed down in the nitty gritty then came up withMy HomieI got a lot of money and a lot of fame but never changed up onMy HomieShe wanna fuck Quan, she wanna fuck Thug, she might as well be one of the homiesI don't trust girls, I don't love girls, I only love my homieGotta bust it open for my homieShe gotta show love to my homieTryna get down? my homieFuck round get killed by my homiePlay enough game by my my homieI know they heard about my my homieThugger, Thugger my homieAnd I'm down for my homie[Verse 1: Young Thug]Run it up with my homie, ambulance your homieNigga play with my homieI'mma let this chopper dance for my homieHundred zans, I'm a stonerHundred bands and it's on meEvery time a nigga do itI swear I need a cameraman for these momentsI'mma Matt like BonnerI pull up if you want itCash out like Charlie Sheen when it come to Thugger, Rich Homie

Chopper bullet F&N meIf the bitch ain't got no class you know that's truancyI don't want the panties off unless it's done by meRick Ross voice you know it costs to be a boss like meSo many crystals in my neck they think I'm from TennesseeGangsters they pretend to beThugger smokin' sour weed, I'm like lemon please[Hook: Rich Homie Quan + Young Thug][Verse 2: Rich Homie Quan]Glock 40 my homieBankroll my homieSittin' on all my old hoes who ain't want meI made a lot of money but never switched up on my homiesBut I done switched girls with my homiesAsk (?), he knows itI done make a whole lotta money with my homiesI done see a whole lotta homies turn phonyI don't trust you but I trust my homiesI'mma keep it real with no cut on itThat Porsche truck my homieThat lean plug my homieNever go to sleep while on itShouts out to my homieMy homie told me we'll be rich foreverFrom the bottom with my homies, we gone get this shit togetherIf I fall down I'mma get back upWith who? With my homieIf I lose a little bit, get it rich back up[Hook: Rich Homie Quan + Young Thug ]
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