Текст песни Rival Choir - Beggar

I built my tower high above the clouds It fell under the weight of expectation I built my tower high above my doubts Erase my fears; forget I ever had them I am contemplating the difference between pride and apathy. For my whole life seems like I’ve shut out the truth And made myself numb with these senseless distractions. Show me just how poor I really am Illuminate the distance between your will and my plans. Onward and I cannot breathe The air is so thin and it is suffocating me Why do I elevate myself up to this place? If I could only realize that I am just a spec A shade of gray I know that I am nothing but I get inside my head You are the masterpiece, I’m just a blank page Show me that I’m poor Show me just how poor I really am I need to see it clearly I’ve got cloudy vision again Would you clear the skies And let me see how far I’ve pushed away from you I no longer see it myself Stand my kingdom next to yours Let me watch it crumble Though I know it’s fragile I still hide behind its walls Only God knows why I am this way But I have been for far too long If I could see that this euphoria is a lie Then maybe I would come back home
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