Текст песни Roger Waters - Smell the Roses

[Verse 1:]There's a mad dog pulling at his chainA hint of danger in his eyeAlarm bells raging round his brainAnd the chimney's broken in the sky[Chorus 1:]Wake upWake up and smell the rosesClose your eyes and pray this wind don't changeThere's nothing but screams in the field of dreamsNothing but hope at the end of the roadNothing but gold in the chimney smokeCome on honey it's real money[Verse 2:]This is the room where they make the explosivesWhere they put your name on the bombHere's where they bury the buts and the ifsAnd scratch out words like right and wrong[Chorus 2:]Wake upWake up and smell the phosphorus

This is the room we keep a human heirDon't ask don't tell it couldn't be lost for usYeah, little less cash in the stash in the cupboardAt the bottom of the stairMoney, honey[Chorus 3:]Wake upWake up and smell the baconRun your greasy fingers through her hairThis is the life that you have taken[Verse 3:]Just a line in the captain's logJust a whine from a resident dogAnother kid didn't make the gradeCome on honey it's a fair trade[Chorus 4:]Wake upWake up and smell the rosesThrow a photo on the funeral pyreYeah, now we can forget the threat she posesGirl you know you couldn't get much higher
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