Текст песни Roisin Murphy - Thoughts Wasted

Don't call me up wastedSenselessly jabbering onDon't talk to me like thatYou're picking me up all wrongYou came to your conclusionsAnd I will come to mineI know all about your opinionsBut I'd rather hear you cryDon't hide your emotionsSo twisted up insideDon't you call me up so wastedDon't talk to me when you're highI can't seem to get in, A word in edgewaysSounds like you're forgetting, The things that you saidI just wanna let The love in edgewaysSo I'm gonna wait until You come to your sensesI know, I know, I knowI've heard it all a million times beforeAnd if you've something new to addRunning away with themselvesGalloping on

At an impossible speedLike nothing is wrongHurtling into spaceYou're too far goneYou better be off your faceRunning away with themselvesGalloping onAt an impossible speedLike nothing is wrongHurtling into spaceYou're too far goneSeething, a quiver of cobras has a vitalityAn intimate enemy, resentment, a lounge of dragonsLike mold, resentment growsUnforgiveable; there's no way to be goodThere's simply many ways to be more or less badHe had to find religion to measure his evil againstToo much information, Too much time has passedToo much historyHumans are fucked, a smack of a jelly fishSo complex, even the most simple of usNeeding one anotherIn the wake of resentmentOnly broken hearts, shattered souls...
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