Текст песни Ronnie Milsap - Prisoner of the highway

Diesel powers 18 wheels to rollin' As I pull it on to the Interstate. I've got thirteen hours to make my destination And I don't want to stop to check my weight There won't be no sleep for me tonight No, I've got to be hittin' Tulsa by first morning light. I'm a prisoner of the highway Driven on by my restless soul Call me a prisoner of the highway Prison by the freedom of the road. I've run freight out of Wheeling, West Virgina And US Steel from Memphis I've rode tobacco out of the Carolina's California wines into Birmingham Some people work just to survive, yeah But up here in this cab that's when I'm most alive. Got a wife living back in Tennessee And she tries to understand the way I feel I could give my hands to another line of work But my heart would always be behind the wheel.
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