Текст песни Royal Hunt - Long Way Home

When the night is calling I shut another doorCelebrating loneliness I've never known beforeI miss a place to call my own – it's a long way homeIn my open prison cell just everything I've gotdisappeared in silence every word I've said is notAnd now I'm lost and all alone – it's a long way home

It's a long road, but even longer for the blindAnd I've been searching way too longStill I can't find the place where I belongIt's a long way homeYou see me suffer on my knees – I wish I knew just what it meansYou watch us come, you watch us go – he tells me something I don't knowYou've set me up, I thought I'm free – just tell me where you wanna beAnother step and I'll be gone – what you will do can be undone
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