Текст песни Royal Hunt - River of Pain

I don't believe in tomorrows – you'll never change my point of viewMy fears and sorrows running down my spine, I tell youI watch my people dying, I watch them go – I don't know wherethe skies are crying, washing out their blood into the....The river runs awayTurns red and looks like a vainThe river shows the wayAway from bloody rainThe Gods of war are calling, I hear their voices in the wind

The sun is falling – another day is gone, another sinI see the star of sadness is touching bodies on the groundSomebody's madness just took my life and turned it upside downThe river of pain – we're all betrayed and soldThe river of pain – my land is dead and coldThe river of pain – when I close my eyesThe river of pain – spirit never diesMy time has come I'm leaving, my mind is tearing me apartI wanna die believing in common sense and wisdom of my heart
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