Текст песни Royal Hunt - Time Will Tell

You shut the door, you let me hang myselfYou've turned your back on me and now I'm goneSo listen, ask yourself, can you undo what I've done?You told me lies you've tried to put me downYou showed me hell because that's where I've beenI hope you're happy now – I didn't like what I have seenYeah, I do appreciateYou're the one who gave this kind of fateto me, but I can't wait untilTime will tell – you're on your feet so far, but onlytime will tell how long it's gonna last

Time will tell – you're reaching for the star, but onlytime will tell if shadows from the past will bring you hellYou just can't get enough, you broke my heartYou're so rich now you can ski uphillTear my life apart – you never ask me how I feelLife is going down the drainYou got pleasure, all I got is pain – you're driving me insaneRest your weary head my son, all your trouble's just begunClose your eyes, unchain your heart – help you GodFull of hate as you have always beenDrop your gun 'coz anger is a sin
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