Текст песни Royal Hunt - Total Recall

(November 2005 – The Off Season)We gave this pain to the world which we can't understandBlood disappears like the raindrops when hitting the sandEye on the Bible and hand on the gun – wandering comes to an endFight in the name of your god and his son – wait for the final command:Total Recall – we saw it all, we took it all protected by the law

Total Recall – we torched another life we'll never knowTotal Recall – we shot it all we burned it all and now it's time to goWish for redemtion and peace's never crossing our mindBlood on the bricks – that's all that we're leaving behindPictures of home disappearing in flames. Mission's completeIn the end there's nothing to lose, we're ready to go –wait for the final command – "Total Recall".
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