Текст песни Run The Jewels - All Due Respect

[Killer Mike:] This year we iller than a nun in a cumshot Gettin double penetrated in a dope spot By two hard pipe hittin niggas On the orders of Marcellus to the soundtrack of 2Pac. I'll beat you to a pulp, no fiction, Tarantino flow, new Jules and Vincent, Blow marijuana smoke, no incense, Exhale in the face of innocent infants On some "ah hah, look what I did" shit, And if I get stopped by a crooked ass cop, I'm a put a bullet in a pig And Rin Tin Tin, ah hah hah, Look what I did again! We the hooligans outside of school again, Sayin don't be a fool never follow rules again, We the bad boys bully with the fully that the teachers say ain't shit and in the need of discipline, We the goddamn reason for Ritalin, in the back of the class, Twitchin and fidgetin, Dead wrong, we never got along, We laughed at the kids that was active participants, Bad boy walk right past church with the work in a bag And a bible of Gideon, Got suspended for bullyin a bully, When I go back to class, I'ma punch him in his shit again. [Hook:] Cause you gets no respect! [El-P:] I don't flirt with greatness, I wifed it in Vegas, The shits all payed for, I signed the papers, Used to date but then I made her my main bitch, Bought us a place on a lake with some acreage, And Mike's my neighbor, straight from Greatville, Any invader get slayed and stay killed On sovereign land, Mike fill the safe up, We call when the fam get payed, a great thrill. I Bad News Bear hug beats then creep off, You drive a rape van, Mullet, Ray-Bans. We do vicious, You do witness, You don't clap shit youse a cricket. Run the J's we don't run so much it's all fun and games to till my J's get scuffed. I'm livid, fuming, Out of touch, I wear sweatpants to funerals, Guns to lunch, Close the blinds, they got drones and mines, we so close to the lie I can almost die, I got no goals left but to save my mind, They got mo' holes dug in the earth, oh my! The beat get abused like I rock a wife beater, Drinker, Fired by the company, Friday, late on the car note tryna do taxes, This my house, it's high or the highway. [Hook:] Cause you gets no respect! [El-P:] I'ma thrill killer, I will test you just like daddy fuckin' left you, It's all your fault, mommy's lonely, you're a burden, she needs rescue. [Killer Mike:] Hey, little buddy, where's your mommy? Call me stepdad or Uncle Johnny, Here's a dollar, don't follow behind me, I gotta go bang out mom and auntie. [El-P:] I hunt lions, tigers, rare vaginas, Hang where the cops seem scared to find us, Pop stars peep the bars and rewind us, Fuck your life, but first run the diamonds! From the jungle (the jungle), the brothers (the brothers) Can't relate to your 1st world struggles, You want safety, hugs and cuddles, IED's will leave bloody puddles. [Killer Mike:] Woke up in Nigeria, Kicked out America, Case of malaria, Shit got scarier. Got left with a gun and a pit bull terrier, And a note from my dad said, “I hope God carry ya.” Fought one or two wars while I made it to the shores, Y'know back to the home of a rock in Georgia To return as a king, Michael the benevolent, Gold draped ridin on the neck of an elephant. [Hook:] Cause you gets no respect!
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