Текст песни Run The Jewels - All My Life

[Killer Mike:] One time for the pill and the reefer, man, It's the young black leader to the people, man, If you're girl's fine, nigga might eat her, man, I'm talkin middle of the mall like a pita man. A nigga sky high now like Jesus, man, and, oh, Lord, this reefer so potent, Got an anti gravity, a nigga stay floatin. This nigga rob me – bitch, you must be jokin! Like pow-pow-pow, leave your chestplate open. One half the best tag team ever, Them other fellas all right, we better, Anybody disagree, they jealous, And anybody don't, just goddamn yellow. Fuck a boss I'm the goddamn owner, And I smell like YSL and marijuana, Don Draper with the paper, might pull a slick caper, Secretary told me, "fuck you," I told her, “you gonna”. [Hook:] And I been this way, shorty (all my life), and I been this way, bitch (all my life). [El-P:] Sharp like knife, Bet a buck I'm stuck in the guts of the night, And I'm ready on the right, Please, pass that already, all right? Get fetti, he's steady on the mic, what the fuck else can he do right? Step armed heavy and he brought Mike, Never step light, no fair fights. We got the drugs yall wanted, take a suck on the tail of a comet, I'm so high you a hobbit, Dick level, please, back up off it, Better off dead like Paul is, Your name don't Ring, go Starrless, Me and Mike, we a friend to the farmers, The weed run out, we might cop your whole harvest.
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