Текст песни Run The Jewels - Call Ticketron

[El-P:]Run The Jewels live at the Garden,Lickin' off shots and we aim for the darkness,Make it get hot for a target,Kids cook s'mores off the crotch of our targets.Kumbaya, bitch!Buckle up, lil' trooper,You can't get past me, I'm stuck in the future,The shit ain't all it's cracked up to be,The hovercrafts cool but the air's so putrid.[Killer Mike:]You can tell by the stench in the air,Blood's on the ground, opportunity is here, I'm lookin' into space like, "Is anybody there? And if aliens are here, please, tell me how near.Do you come in peace or should everybody fear?I'll wait your reply with a blunt and a beer.I be the high guy with the belly and the beard.”Folks signal ET, ATLien's here.[Hook:]Begging your pardon, Run the Jewels live at the Garden![El-P:]Begging your pardon,Run the Jewels live at the Garden!Last 2 pirates alive are still yargin,My girl got my heart, it's a bargain,Lick from her lips to the crease in her garter,Her ass my religion, Her love's why I'm livin'.I smoke farm to face by the field full, partner,Life's a shitnado, the smoke my umbrella,The boy's back turnin' his slacks to all yella. (Prick)It's a daily lick, I slit throats with a grin that reek of pure shit,Travel by backflip, eat from the river, the panther heart taught to talk by smart chicks,Sip pure venom and skipped away grinnin', I put that on mom, she ain't raise a vic.

Lil fucknuts, sit,I piss on your wit, dismiss your whole shit![Killer Mike:]Live from the stage of the Garden,We be the realist of the killers of the fuck-shit squadron,Movin' through the streets and we lootin,' robbin' mobbin,' marchin', carrying a carbon.Hello everybody, this is now bank robbery,Jesse James gang, we'll walk you through the process,You don't wanna be a hero, do not let that thought process,We will put a bullet where your thoughts get processed,Get that fuck shit straight like a perm or a process.It you're really wondering money ain't a motherfuckin' object,We just like excitement, gunfights, indictments,High speed chase through Manhattan in the night whenOooh, it's the thrill of the kill!Watching Kill Bill on a pill as I grip steering wheel,Cops coulda had the boy jammed, I fear,But like Eddie Kane I made it, I'm here.[Hook:]Begging your pardon, Run the Jewels live at the Garden![Killer Mike:]I'm the sama lama doo ma lama, danger dick'll do you mama, skeeter with the peeter, never eat her, tell her “see ya' later”, holler 'bout tomorrow, baby, I ain't got to holler. Vroom, vroom, my Impala, pop a pussy, pop a collar, pop a pill then chill, no Bill, no Cosby, not a raper or a taker, bonafide heartbreaker, hit her once, hit her twice, then tell her “see ya' later”, got head, watch Vice at her home in Decatur.[El-P:]Full clip, I'm a little bit sick, come equipped,Look at what I did for the grit, got it lit, what a sinch,Brought 'em just a little pinch a the truth, and they flip now they hanging from my shit, lil' bit.It's the Mensch, the myth I do push ups nude on the edge of cliffs,The jewels come quick, all gold and bricked, click, click, box cutter spit,Brother, what a trip![Hook:]Begging your pardon, Run the Jewels live at the Garden!
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