Текст песни Run The Jewels - Thieves! (Screamed the Ghost)

[Killer Mike:](Conversing with a ghost)He just leaving and he screamin' “Jesus!”(He had the highest hopes)People yellin', screamin' at police's,(Riots tonight)Burnin', lootin', shootin', takin', thievin'.(Fire and light)Fill the air, and most don't know the reason.(Never knew his name)But they know his problems and feel his pain.(Shit's still the same)We just prey off in they deadly game.(It'll never change)Too much profit in it and it stay the same.(The facts still remain)You can burn the system and start again.[El-P:](Spoke with a ghost)Late night, same night, "God, let me sleep, please, I'm begging you!"(Said, "Don't be afraid")Daylight might never break right again once they get at you.(Said, "You'll never be alone again...")This house is haunted by pain transposed into revenue.("...The murdered all stay")That thing when your mind says "run" but your heart isn't letting you.(Said, "We got an army now")You strike 'em down, they still live inside hearts, Hearts carry them.(The weapon is our memory)Some get to count sheep, some gotta count kids that they burying.(I don't wanna scare nobody...)Fear's been law for so long that rage feels like therapy.(...But I'm gonna make 'em remember me)Nobody gets no more sleep till we teach them remembering.[Hook:]Thieves![El-P:]Coming live at five, we got new news breaking,You heard it here first if you don't die waiting.Hard to review the scene I just seen, I'ma try to convey, but it defies explaining.

Started with folks just crying,Nothing but broken hearts, sobs, and the shriek of the sirens,Right at the spot where the blood's still drying the (my god)... I saw it, the dead began rising.I don't know much about science,But I seen an army of armed men stop and get quiet.Mist hung low like a prayer from a tyrant,Sky became black like the stars weren't aligning,So many years of this violence,Now we're surrounded by the souls of the dead and defiantSaying, "Look what you've done, you designed it!"When the bough breaks, hear the wraith scream, "Riot!"[Killer Mike:]No more moms and dads crying,No more arms in the air,We put firearms in the air,Molotov cocktails thrown in the air.CNN got dummy Don on the air,Talking 'bout he smell that ganj in the air,Dummy don't know and dummy don't care,Get that punk motherfucker outta here!Aye, Ghosts are walking,Ghosts are talking,Everything gon' be different, mane!Shh... karma's coming,Ain't no runnin',Death gon' deal with the guilty, mane!The universe curses the killers, mane!Can't keep killin' God's children, mane!A pound of flesh is what you owe,Your debt is due, Give up your ghost![Hook:]Thieves!What have you done?What have you done...What are you making us do, thieves!It's on you!It's on you,Thieves!It's on you!It's on you!It's on you,Thieves!
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