Текст песни Runic - Showdown

My mind is sick of thinking And my heart is flared up with rage Arouse my fighting spirit Become lethargic in the mist of times Soon like the waves Breaking themselves The swords will be knocked together Soon like a storm Double-edged swords Will rumble for ever and ever The grounds for war aren't needed Only the pleasure of seeing the blood Your blood soaking the weapon is Enough for me and For my warlike people Tides and wind side with us Gods must have heard the sound Of our drums We're going to mow'em down We're going to make them feel The taste of rout... Praise be to showdown! So row for the northern lights... So row the Atlantis ocean skies Battleground just before us Enemies are waiting for dusk Death has been invoked And she will not leave alone... Kill or be killed, win or be won Don't doubt in cut their heads off Gods will be proud of our work... And now there is no place for cowards And now there is no time for weakness For those who fell down... Their presence just now around, with us War, you are the only way To let the fallen reach the eternal rest For all I believed All what you made me leave forgotten in past War, that gave me the steel That gives me the courage That will make me great Maybe alive, maybe dead... But never being slave again Again... Thousand people fighting/dying Only think in gain
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