Текст песни Runic - Vs Myself

Nightmares between the heaven And the promised lands I feel myself immersed in bitterness There is no rest for midnight travellers... ... In paths don't led by a northern star... When desecrations knock A broken hope Adversities advise The slaves of hate Lost, imprisoned... I'm fighting versus myself Maybe the coming days take out the worst of us Maybe we're victims of a playing Gods... Scales have turned the weight of blindness Against the eyes that gaze at sun... We have been burnt by its reflections... In our depths we are slaves of hate Lost, imprisoned... I'm fighting versus myself to (the) death... The days when we were undefended Are gone beyond recall A fortress of rage has been built Inside on my own remains Reborn from the pain, I take on mistakes With no regrets... Intrudes in forbidden lands Souls in torment Which will never find their rest [x2]: Ah! Don't be deceived by a future Which never will come Before the lighting strikes the ground There is always a spirit Which blows in the storm... Against you!
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