Текст песни Running Wild - Port Royal

Hundred masts, thirty flags An island in the gulf of Darien Sandglas, bloody heart Flying high above the scene Marooners with loaded guns Are still waiting at the quay A hungry fleet from underworld "Freedom" is the law they pray "Black strap", rum and gin Sexual freedom all the way A rolling dice, an ace of hearts One shall win and one's to pay Concord and freedom No need for the holy writes Rebellions, non - servile Spitting on religious hypocrites Port Royal A cry of freedom on the sea When the " oxford ", hits the sea Slave driver learns the Moses law There is no chance, they can't escape They hunt them down and eat'em raw Gin Lane, New Providence It all is now since along time gone But there are still descendants Port Royal's spirit lives forever on Port Royal A cry of freedom on the sea.
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