Текст песни Sabaton - Last Stand

In the heart of Holy SeeIn the home of ChristianityThe Seat of power is in dangerThere´s a foe of a thousand swordsThey´ve been abandoned by their lordsTheir fall from grace will pave their path, to damnationThen the 189In the service of heavenThey're protecting the holy lineIt was 1527, gave their lives on the steps to heavenThy will be done!For the grace, for the might of our lordFor the home of the holyFor the faith, for the way of the swordGave their lives so boldlyFor the grace, for the might of our lord

In the name of his gloryFor the faith, for the way of the swordCome and tell their story againUnder guard of 42Along a secret avenueCastel Saint'Angelo is waitingThey're the guard of the Holy SeeThey're the guards of ChristianityTheir path to history is paved with salvationDying for salvation with dedicationNo Capitulation, annihilationPapal commendation, reincarnationHeaven is your destinationIn the name of godGave their lives so boldlyCome and tell the Swiss guards story again
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